You’ll Sh*t Bricks…


I was raised in an old fashioned sort of way; a diet of red meat, action movies on the TV, and an endless ocean of Lego at my fingertips. Since I’ve grown up and everyone is now online, old faithful Lego has progressed from simple toy, to art form, to retro culture beacon.

It’s featured the licenses of ultimate coolness such as Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Avengers (and some lamentable ones like Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter). But now they’ve gone one step further by allowing fans or “Lego artists” to decide what now gets produced, thanks to the Lego Cuusoo system.


We’ve all seen the badass Lego Back to the Future car, that was released a while back and now we’re looking at some other 80’s cult classics, namely ET and the Goonies.

ET certainly does look cute in the photos, and I love the cryo transport van. Nice touch to include an element that scarred the brains of ALL children whom ever watched the movie and thought ET was dead, and not in some weird alien anaphylactic shock.



While I’m a much bigger fan of the Goonies, I think the set leaves a lot to be desired. Why not take advantage of One-Eye Willy’s pirate ship dammit?!  I definitely think the ET set (which being a much less badass film) is much more evocative, though special mention goes to the awesome Sloth figure.



Personally I’d love to see a Terminator set. We’re talking future war hunter killers, the Cyberdine building showdown, or the police station smash, complete with Lance Henriksen Lego figure. Any takers??

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