Watch It Wednesday Part 0: Origins


A few years ago I used to work in a DVD shop. I was the chief movie peon. I’d stack DVD’s all day long. I got so good I can still identify most films from their spines from ten feet away. I even once made a throne out of spare boxes.

There was a hefty discount on purchases. We got first refusal on everything – Special editions, limited editions, ultimate editions, anniversary editions, collected editions. Director’s cuts, re-releases, re-packages, re-masters. You name it.

Like how the majority of my CD collection was acquired in my precocious teenage years, the majority of my DVD collection was purchased in my disgruntled twenty-somethings.




Suffice to say I have a lot of movies. And after a recent appraisal I suspect I’ve only watched about two thirds of them. Shockingly some of even still in their original wrapping.


Action must be taken.

So starting next Wednesday and each Wednesday following until THE END OF TIME ITSELF I shall be picking one of these untouched purchases. I shall watch it. I shall review it. I shall write about it here. And then you can read it. DEAL?


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