A Million Ways to Die In The West Trailer

Teaser Image or poster of Seth MacFarlanes A Million Ways to Die in the West film 2014

Despite me not being the biggest fan of Family Guy, I enjoyed Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s first foray onto the big screen. While the premise echoed FG’s love and mockery of 80’s (and beyond) pop culture, it also harkened back to an older style of film-making – albeit with a predominantly CGI protagonist.

While the cheeky bear was humorous, it was all the Flash Gordon references that put the film over for me. Anyway, the affable MacFarlane is back this year, minus the fur, with A Million Ways to Die In the West. He stars as Albert, a simple rancher at odds with the deadly nature of the time period.

Liam Neeson character poster for A Million Ways to Die in the West movie 2014

Indeed the period is stupendously rife with death, though not from the typical venereal or six-shooter sources you’d expect. As the trailer teases, the folk of the Old Stump Township are prone to being crushed, burnt, gored, ravaged by wolves, and the victims of malpractice, amongst others (as the title suggests).

Co-starring Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson (so automatic badass credit there), Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, Sarah Silverman,  and Neil Patrick Harris, the film premier at the end of May.

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