Warrior King 2 Released! Watch it Now

Warrior King 2 Protector 2 Tony Jaa

Despite being released in it’s native Thailand in October last year, us poor Westerners have been waiting a long time for Tony Jaa’s (Ong Bak) follow up to martial arts cult classic Warrior King (Protector/Tom Yum Goong). However the wait is now over! As of Thursday, you can now view the ass-kicking sequel on demand (or rather on iTunes).

Directed by Ong Bak’s Prachya Pinkaew, Jaa goes head-to-head with RZA (American Gangster, Repo Men). This time not only has Jaa’s elephant gone missing AGAIN, but it’s now got him involved in a global conspiracy. Typical. The only way out for the perpetually innocent Jaa is to kick, elbow, punch and knee everyone in existence until the status quo is resumed.

You’ll also be able to witness all the bone-crunching action in glorious 3D!

As I stated in my review of the trailer months ago that I always felt that Ong Bak was the better film. The combination of people clearly being beaten the crap out of, along with the fact there are no wire-work or computer generated effects (which is clearly present in Warrior King and the sequel), made for the best martial arts film since Enter The Dragon.

You can watch it today via the following links:
iTunes: http://bit.ly/Prot2iTunes
On Demand: http://bit.ly/MagOnDemand
YouTube: http://bit.ly/Prot2YT
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Prot2GP

Please note, some of these might be region locked. But if you’re clever enough, you’ll be able to find ways around this. I’d tell you how, but I don’t want to be probed by the FBI. Again.

Warrior King 2 does seem to be getting eclipsed by all the coverage by The Raid 2: Raid Harder, but there are some truly badass moments in Warrior King, and no doubt there’ll be some excellent action in the King Warrior’s return.

Warrior King 2 Tony Jaa Protector 2

If you’re not wanting to download Apple’s invasive little software, you’ll have to wait for the general cinema release on May the 2nd. Keep your eye’s peeled for an imminent review on Moviebastards.com.


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