Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill Poster Banned

Eva Green Sin City A Dame to Kill For

The MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America to all you peasants) have pulled a bullshit move, and banned one of the posters for Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. Depicting the eminently sultry Eva Green (Casino Royale, 300: Rise of an Empire) close to undress, the uptight censors have deemed the image too provocative for normal human eyes.

Thankfully we run a wholly censorship free environment here at, and you can see the badass vixen in all her black and white NSFW glory below.

Eva Green Sin City Banned

According to reports, the controversial image was pulled “for nudity — curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown.” What an absolute tragedy. So it would seem we can get away with Hugh Jackman running around topless all the time, but we can’t see the French Green-machine in her nightgear?

It’s a sexist world gone mad, dammit.

Looking at some of the posters from the original film, I’m a bit surprised they’ve come down hard in this instance. The first Sin City closely followed the neo-noir stylistics of Frank Millar’s seminal comics, and not only featured plenty of the old ultraviolence, but a healthy helping of nudity too.

Gail Rosario Dawson Sin City


Obviously this bizarre move can only be good news for the studio, as everyone is jumping on the hype train and bemoaning the MPAA for being a pack of whiny bitches. The rejection of the poster for excessive nudity will only drum up media attention and will undoubtedly attract any young pervert who would have otherwise passed on seeing the movie altogether.

Green will star as Ava Lord, a seductive femme fatale with a problem: She’s being pursued by her douchebag abusive husband, billionaire Damien Lord (Marton Czokas – Bourne Supremacy), and seeks refuge (amongst other things) with former flame Dwight McCarthy.

Last time we saw McCarthy was in when Clive Owen (Children of Men) was inhabiting his body. Now Josh Brolin (Goonies) is at the controls, and the pair do their best to get the hell out of dodge. Similar to the first film, A Dame To Kill For won’t focus on a single narrative, but will instead inter-cut between multiple narratives, and we’ll be seeing the familiar faces of Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) and Mickey Rourke (Expendables) again.

Joining them this time with another eclectic assortment of personalities, including Lady Gaga, Powers Boothe (Tombstone), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) amongst many others. As per the trailer below, it’s sure to be as equally cinematic, violent and seductive as the first film too.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is released on August 22nd.

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