Deadpool Test Footage Released

Deadpool Test Footage Ryan Reynolds Funny

It’s fair to say that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was all kinds of terrible. It couldn’t decide whether it was deadly serious or popcorn silly. Plus the CGI effects were 1980’s lame, and it alienated many nerd fans with it’s needless meddling with the X-Canon. A saving grace, however, was the inclusion of Ryan Reynolds (Blade Trinity, Green Lantern) as Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. While he apparently died at the end, we all hoped it wouldn’t be the last we’d see of the wise-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking super assassin.

Thankfully, Fox were well ahead of us.

Cut to now, and some test footage of a possible Deadpool spin-off has recently leaked, resulting in mass spontaneous erections across the internet. It once again featured the wise-cracking Ryan Reynolds-voiced Merc with a Mouth, doing what he does best: fucking shit up. It’s very violent, and very un-Disney. The buzz was that Marvel were finally in the process of making an adult adaptation of one of their properties. And holy Jesus rejoiced.

Sadly, the footage is old news in Hollywood land. It had been produced as a taster package by Blur Studios in 2011. They were the guys who did that Badass intro for David Fincher’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which you can see below (because I’m awesome like that).

While the concept is certainly not dead, it would seem that we may have some time to wait for a full film to be made (if ever). What is clear and necessary is that the film would have to retain an adult rating should it ever be made. With fewer and fewer R-rated films being produced these days, and with Marvel now largely just another Disney whore, the chances of them doing Deadpool the right way is slim. Reynold’s involvement would also have to be a must.

Yet the buzz around this footage has been enormous however, and with Marvel going from strength-to-strength with the likes of Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, I don’t see it as totally impossible. I mean if they can make a film about a talking raccoon and a walking tree, why can’t they make a Deadpool movie?

Anyway, enough jibba-jabba. Watch it below:

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