Idris Elba is James Bond…

Idris Elba James Bond 007

…in the new mashup video from acclaimed re-imagineers Vulture Remixes.

Do you remember all that moaning and speculation about who was going to be the next famed British secret agent, James Bond, before Daniel Craig (Layer Cake) assumed the 007 mantle? Yes? Well, it’s only become a million times worse since Craig’s final outing, “Spectre“, nears completion. Previously, on Skyfall, all British and Bond-related records were smashed. Obviously, it’s big business, and a British institution. People are taking this seriously.

So when rumours of just who is going to be the next “Bond, James Bond” start blowing around town, all sorts of names start getting mentioned. From the likes of Superman (Henry Cavill) to Magneto (Michael Fassbender) to that ginger guy from Band of Brothers (Damian Lewis), there’s always a pretty decent pool to select from. And everyone has their own favourites and particular venomous reasons why every other choice is stupid/wrong/unpatriotic.

“They’re too old”.

“They’re not British”.

“He doesn’t look right”.

Daniel Craig suffered a whole load of flak when he got cast. “OMG”, the idiotic super fans cried, “He’s blonde”. Yes, because being blonde has a huge impact on how a movie about a super spy is going to play out. Listen you mongoloids, maybe I could see producers being concerned about Reese Witherspoon being cast in Legally Blonde if she’d had black hair, but seriously – it doesn’t matter what colour Bond’s hair is. (Note – Reese Witherspoon is blonde. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Perfect casting, no?).

Imagine the response when Idris Elba’s name got mentioned.

Idris Elba Luther

That’s right, people went mental. And a lot of people have started getting into trouble by voicing their dissent to the idea. Recently, Bond writer Anthony Horowitz suggested that Elba was “too street” for the role. I can imagine his phone melted after the assault he received via social media. He quickly retracted his statements.

Yeah, I get it, you’re pretty much opening yourself up to being called a racist by saying he’s not right for the role. Former Bond baddie (the first black baddie, if we’re counting), Yaphet Kotto (Alien), disagrees, saying Bond can’t be black. Is his opinion any less racist because he’s black? Look, I kind of understand Horowitz’s comments about an Elba Bond being the “too rough”. But, wasn’t everyone bowing down and kissing ass after DC’s macho badassness in Casino Royale? We need someone to compete with the Bournes and the Hunts. As much as I love the films, Roger Moore’s Bond wouldn’t survive an hour in this day and age. I don’t care how good his karate was.

Now, Vulture Remixes, those cool dudes who re-made the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer into a homage to 90’s action rollercoasters, has spliced Elba into a trailer for the upcoming Spectre. Get this cool Bond shit watched below:

Fanfilm or not, I still think Idris Elba would be a great Bond. I dig him in pretty much everything I see him in, from The Wire, to Thor, to Luther to his minor role in The Gunman. Sure, he’s black, but I don’t think that makes a difference anymore. I’d prefer the actor that does get selected be British, but that’s only my insane criteria.

While he doesn’t think he’s in contention, the real Elba has kept a stiff upper lip in general on the whole idea. Considering he’s hated the process of being part of another big-budget studio machine (namely Marvel’s Thor), maybe 007 isn’t right for him?

Plus, why is no one mentioning the other equality issue that Bond has suffered from for time immemorial? Why haven’t we had a badass bitch bastard?

Sure, Christopher Walken had Grace Jones and Robert Carlyle had Sophie Marceau. But they weren’t the prime baddie, just women who’d fallen under the spell of their overlord. When can we have a woman who is both the boss and the badass? When is Gina Carano going to give Bond a run for his money? Soon, I hope.

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