Project 2501 and the Making of the Live Action Opening For Ghost in the Shell

Ghost In the Shell Project 2501

As my Dad always said, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”.

Hollywood knows this, and badass title sequences have since become big bidness. They’ve evolved significantly from the title cards of old. Now works of art in their own right, they are even directed and produced by entirely different people than the film itself.

From the likes of the various babe-infused arty Bond incarnations, to the wicked dark David Fincher openers (like this one), a memorable title sequence can set the tone for the 90 minutes to come.

One such ultra-memorable sequence all the way from 1995 is that of Ghost in the Shell.

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James Franco Wants To Teach You How To Make Short Films

James Franco Teaches

Actor, writer, producer, girl-seducer, poet, and now teacher James Franco (Rise of the Planet Of The Apes) and long time collaborative writer/producer Vince Jolivette are offering their services as guides to any film neophyte for a mere $25.

Find out how to get it in on this below.

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