Review: Brawl In Cell Block 99

Brawl in Cell Block 99 Poster

Comedy movies headed up by action stars was still a mysterious, uncharted land back in the 80’s. Eventually Schwarzenegger would dispel the myth that muscle-bound killing machines couldn’t do funny with Twins, pile-driving the box office for the sum of over $200 million. Macho badasses juxtaposed into hilarious scenarios has now become a bit of a sub-genre unto itself. The Pacifier finds Navy SEAL Vin Diesel looking after some kids, is just one example. Dwayne Johnson’s entire back catalogue is pretty much the same. So why can’t it be done the other way around? Why can’t comedians become badasses?

South of OK, North of Cancer

Escape Plan Trailer


Stallone and Schwarzenegger alone at last. Expendables was good but…expendable. The sequel was better. Their recent solo efforts were shit canned to the box office flop list but I can honestly say I enjoyed them. It was crazy watching Arn bodyslam someone a quarter of his age whom was trying to go all Jiu-Jitsu on him. I liked that little homage to Rampage Jackson.

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