Bastards of Batman Returns

Batman Returns Michael Keaton Circus Gang Behind the Scenes

In Batman, solitary billionaire Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton – Birdman) was inspired to become the famous vigilante crime-fighter after the unavenged death of his parents. After terrorising the criminal underworld, he ended up dropping their killer, Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson – A Few Good Men) into a vat of chemicals. The Joker was born along with a new type of villain. The super villain. Eventually he was defeated (AKA killed), and a relative peace returned to Gotham City.

The Bat, The Bird, and The Cat

Review: Point Break

Point Break painted poster

So the Point Break remake is happening. There is a trailer, and it’s as underwhelming as lukewarm ice cream. Beyond the usual morass of hate, most of the internet is awash with comments of how the new bad guy (Edgar Ramirez – Wrath of the Titans) cannot possibly replace Patrick Swayze (Road House).

I’d be a lying bastard if I said I didn’t slightly agree with them. But what did make Swayze’s take on New Age-bank robber extraordinaire Bodhi so memorable? Let’s find out.

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Bastards of “Crocodile” Dundee

Crocodile Dundee poster

In previous editions of Bastards, I’ve gone to great lengths to demonstrate how important villains are. They (should) offer resistance to the hero, and through this conflict, drama, excitement and entertainment is created. But not every film has to have a total clusterbastard like Darth Vader or the Joker to be great. Some films work just as well with just some little bastards, sprinkled here and there. One such film is Crocodile Dundee. Let’s find out why.

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