Review: Bloodsport

Bloodsport poster JCVD Gian Galang

The 1980’s were the halcyon days for action films. For me, it was such whimsical nights of watching rented movies that made me into the great man I am today. Guilt-tripping a naive mother into renting the likes of Robocop, Predator, or Die Hard as a seven-year-old was a skill of mine, and I took full advantage of my local corner shop’s extensive collection of over-sized VHS.

But my introduction to the Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme, came via another member of my family – my cousin

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Bruce Lee Being A Badass (again)

Bruce Lee HD

Despite dying over forty years ago, it’s clear that people are still obsessed with Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon, Big Boss). And for good reason; not only was he a martial arts pioneer, he was also the first cross-over Chinese star, whom brought martial arts movies to the West. His impact on popular culture cannot be understated.

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