Review: Captain America – The Winter Soldier

Captain America Winter Soldier Poster

I think it’s fair to say that Captain America: The First Avenger was the worst of the Phase 1 Marvel movies. Unlike Iron Man which snap, crackled and popped with wit, charisma and action, it instead merely┬áregurgitated the typical action movie trope of an incapable man miraculously transformed into a killing machine.

Yet three years later, the tables have turned: Iron Man 3, despite being helmed by genius Shane Black (Predator, Lethal Weapon), was overblown, uninteresting, and is thus far the worst addition to Phase 2. On the other hand, Captain America 2: the Winter Soldier is easily the best.

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Superbowl 2014 Trailers

Superbowl 2014

So Denver got denied in a one-sided rout by Seattle. While the game was little more than an exercise in futility for the Bronco’s, we did at least get the half-time show – where The Red Hot Chilli Peppers played a bit of a song, and left the majority of the responsibility on the teeny-tiny shoulders of Bruno Mars. But we also got some cool new trailers (unless you lived outside of the US).

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