Review: Demolition Man

Demolition Man 1993 Movie Poster

Los Angeles. 1996. The Future. LA has descended into a shitty whirlwind of fire and crime, and the pen-pushers at City Hall are helpless to stop it. So when Super Bastard Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes – Blade) kidnaps a busload of hostages, there’s only one man they can send to bring his ass down. Send a maniac to catch a maniac. Enter Maniac Cop LAPD Sgt. John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone – Over The Top).

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Karl Urban and the Possibility of a Dredd Sequel

Dredd 2013 Poster Image Karl Urban

There were two surprise badass additions to 2013’s slew of sequels and super heroes; The Raid and Dredd. While The Raid is eagerly expecting a sequel later this year, Karl Urban’s future lawbastard is facing a harder time returning to the screens.

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