Review: Near Dark

Near Dark Poster Bill Paxton

The nukes are coming, and the end of humanity is coming with them. Estimates project you have about 90 more minutes before the surface of the Earth starts to resemble Gary Oldman’s face in Hannibal. You’re left with one ultimate question: what is the last vampire love film you watch? The Lost Boys if you happen to like good movies or Twilight if you don’t. The choice is that simple. Or is it?

Enter Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark.

Vampire Shit Abounds Within

Review: Point Break

Point Break painted poster

So the Point Break remake is happening. There is a trailer, and it’s as underwhelming as lukewarm ice cream. Beyond the usual morass of hate, most of the internet is awash with comments of how the new bad guy (Edgar Ramirez – Wrath of the Titans) cannot possibly replace¬†Patrick Swayze (Road House).

I’d be a lying bastard if I said I didn’t slightly agree with them. But¬†what did make Swayze’s take on New Age-bank robber extraordinaire Bodhi so memorable? Let’s find out.

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