Review: Prisoners

Prisoners movie poster

It must really suck when you make a good solid movie only for something vaguely similar to get released to mass plaudits and glory and shit. It’s sort of what Amadeus was all about. Or Gobots. I mean, who the hell wanted a Gobot when you could have a Transformer?

Prisoners is just one of those great films that seemingly came and went. Let’s find out why.

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I’m tellin’ ya’ll it’s a Sabotage (trailer)


So I got all hot and heavy over the Dual Shock Arn/Stallone combo-meal trailer for Escape Plan, and it turned out I really enjoyed the film too. It could have used more of Schwarzenegger sure, but it was otherwise funny and violent in equal measure. Thankfully Arnie will soon return to solo ass-kicking duties in March when Sabotage is finally released.

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