Warrior King 2 Released! Watch it Now

Warrior King 2 Protector 2 Tony Jaa

Despite being released in it’s native Thailand in October last year, us poor Westerners have been waiting a long time for Tony Jaa’s (Ong Bak) follow up to martial arts cult classic Warrior King (Protector/Tom Yum Goong). However the wait is now over! As of Thursday, you can now view the ass-kicking sequel on demand (or rather on iTunes).

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Warrior King 2 Trailer


So there I was, innocently writing a nice film theory article about the nature of sound design, when I stumbled upon the trailer I never thought I’d see. No not Forest Gump 2: Bubba’s Revenge, I’m talking Warrior King 2 (or The Protector 2 to all my non-UK readers).

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