Review: I, Frankenstein

I Frankenstein movie poster

You’ve heard the same whining for years now: “Hollywood have run out of ideas”. “They’re just doing remakes and reboots and sequels now.” “Oh look, another comicbook-to-movie adaptation – what a suprise”. Another popular trend is to take old gothic literary characters and to bring them into modern times. From the laughably lame (Twilight) to seriously cool (Blade), vampire movies are still a major sub-genre of Hollywood. Werewolves have had their various treatments too (Underworld, Dog Soldiers).  We’ve even got a new Moby Dick (re-titled Lost at Sea) coming out next year. Maybe that will inspire a spate of mutant killer whale movies.

Some of these films are good. Most are bad. But one fabled old bastard we haven’t seen for a while is Frankenstein. Save for a brief role in 2004’s Van Helsing, he’s been absent for years. Until now.

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Deadpool Test Footage Released

Deadpool Test Footage Ryan Reynolds Funny

It’s fair to say that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was all kinds of terrible. It couldn’t decide whether it was deadly serious or popcorn silly. Plus the CGI effects were 1980’s lame, and it alienated many nerd fans with it’s needless meddling with the X-Canon. A saving grace, however, was the inclusion of Ryan Reynolds (Blade Trinity, Green Lantern) as Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. While he apparently died at the end, we all hoped it wouldn’t be the last we’d see of the wise-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking super assassin.

Thankfully, Fox were well ahead of us.

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