Set Photos From Captain America 3 Reveal Crossbones, Black Widow, Cap’n

Crossbones Captain America Civil War Frank Grillo

In villain news this week, leaked set photos of the new Captain America movie have emerged revealing Frank Grillo in full costume as Crossbones. I don’t blame you for not knowing who he is, but believe me, he could play a pivotal role in the next phase of Marvel’s super hero plans.

Let’s face it, when a superhero sequel is announced, there is only one question that is worth asking. It’s not the budget. It’s not who is reprising what role. It’s not about the costumes (and how they’re different from the comic). The only thing that is important is the bad guy. Which bad bastard is going to be messing up the plans of our favorite protectors and vigilantes this time?

Superhero sequels are all about escalation – how can the next bad guy pose an even greater threat than the last nasty sod who was on the scene? Of course, by being even crazier, even more destructive, even more evil, the heroes have to stretch even further, reach even deeper to defeat them. This is the core of drama, son.

But the next Captain America film may play things a little different.

Civil War Iron Man vs Captain America

Entitled Civil War, the bad guys are not killer robots or warring intergalactic aliens. Instead, they’re former friends and allies. The basic gist of the comics is that the Avengers and their extended family are to be held accountable for all of the destruction and shit they’ve caused. Similar to the Mutant Registration Act thing in X-Men, the world wants all costumed heroes to be revealed and listed.

Good old Steve Rogers, ever the champion of freedom, obviously believes this to be a batshit mental kind of idea. As he showed in the fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he’s not a fan of the Big Brother stuff. The trouble is, Iron Man/Tony Stark is all for it.

The heroes are split down the middle as they pick their allegiances. Cue a great big civil war which, in the comics at least, results in the death of Steve Rogers. Who pulled the trigger? None other than Crossbones, assassin for hire.

In the films, Crossbones, or Brock Rumlow, was a undercover member of Hydra, who had operated inside SHIELD as a leader of their black ops team. Played by the badass Frank Grillo (The Grey, Warrior, Homefront) he was last seen on a bed, burnt to a crisp in The Winter Soldier. He wasn’t dead though, and was missing by the climax. Now he’ll return, all Darth Vader like, to exact terrible, terrible revenge.

Captain America Winter Soldier Frank Grillo Burnt Crossbones

Will he actually kill the Chris Evans incarnation? I can’t see it happening, personally. But, as Phase 2 winds down, it’s exciting to see that Marvel/Disney still has things up their sleeve to keep us interested.

Personally, the best bit in both Avenger movies were when the heroes were fighting each other. Whether it was via bickering or their super powers, their brawls were both fun and tense. Dick measuring aside, it was great to see because you cared about each character. You didn’t care about Ultron’s borg clones, or the those dickhead aliens.

So, interestingly, the bad guys are actually going to be the good guys now. Of course that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for some proper bad bastards to show up. Not only do we now have visual confirmation that Crossbones is appearing, but Bucky Barnes/The Winter soldier will also be returning.

Whose side will he be on? Whose side will you be on?

Captain America 3 Civil War Iron Man poster

Check out the rest of the leaked photo below.

Chris Evans Captain America Civil War set photo

Chris Evans Captain America Civil War set photo

Antony Mackie Falcon Captain America Civil War leak

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Captain America Civil War set photo

Captain America: Civil War is set for release on May the 6th of 2016.

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