Warrior King 2 Trailer


So there I was, innocently writing a nice film theory article about the nature of sound design, when I stumbled upon the trailer I never thought I’d see. No not Forest Gump 2: Bubba’s Revenge, I’m talking Warrior King 2 (or The Protector 2 to all my non-UK readers).

Following on from the bone-crunching success of Ong Bak, the original Warrior King found Thai superstar Tony Jaa back in action. However, instead of being press-ganged into finding the missing head from his favourite Buddha statue (no, you didn’t read that wrong), he’s trying his favourite elephant that has been kidnapped (again, you did not read that wrong).


He’s the quintessential hesitant hero who doesn’t want any trouble. Sadly fate plays her gnarled hand, and Jaa is forced to annihilate things with his mastery of the art of eight limbs (Muay thai for you martial arts neophytes).

While Ong Bak was the superior film, Warrior King had some stand out moments. Namely pro wrestlers throwing a baby elephant through a window – but let’s not forget this epic, epic scene either:

And you thought Scorsese had the corner on the single shot market!

So here we are, eight years later, and his bloody elephant has been kidnapped again. So it looks like Jaa is coming back out of retirement to find his old buddie once more. According to the trailer he gets mixed up with Interpol somewhere along the way, and the film seemingly still features many, MANY people being punched, kicked, kneed, and elbowed in the face by Jaa.

You’d think these people would have learned their lesson the first time around?

So here it is…

Who cares if the subtitles don’t make ANY sense? Personally I cannot wait.

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