I’m tellin’ ya’ll it’s a Sabotage (trailer)


So I got all hot and heavy over the Dual Shock Arn/Stallone combo-meal trailer for Escape Plan, and it turned out I really enjoyed the film too. It could have used more of Schwarzenegger sure, but it was otherwise funny and violent in equal measure. Thankfully Arnie will soon return to solo ass-kicking duties in March when Sabotage is finally released.

Directed by David Ayer (the bloke who wrote Training Day and The Fast & The Furious) and written by Skip Woods (Swordfish, A-Team), Sabotage finds Arn as John Matrix Wharton, head of a DEA spec ops unit. He and his crew featuring Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard take down a safe house full of bad bastards, then find themselves slowly being killed off one by one in revenge style murderings.

Sounds sort of like Predator. Just in a city. So more like Predator 2. Regardless the original release date was set for April, but it would seem the good folk at Open Road Films felt we needed some bicep-driven action to jumpstart this year. So roll on March!


The trailer(s) featuring guns, armoured cars, short hair-cuts, guns, random accents, meth, guns and Arnold smoking a cigar (now a contractual obligation) can be viewed below. Sadly neither take the opportunity to use the Beastie Boys song.

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